Schedule your video shoot for EuroTier 2022 now

EuroTier will start November 2022. A perfect opportunity to have that long-cherished video made or to refresh your current content. In this article you can read more about video opportunities at fairs and events.

Video partner in the agricultural sector

From testimonial to brand story, we have considerable experience in the agricultural sector. Our clients include HatchTech, Hotraco, Cargill and Topigs Norsvin. We feel completely at home in this sector that is known for its hard workers, innovation and determination. What makes our productions unique? A genuine story that conveys the underlying values and emotions. Images that grip you, texts that inspire you and music that engages you.

Video testimonial and customer reviews

Using video testimonials in your stand is a smart move. You give your satisfied customers a stage. Why are they so satisfied with your product or service? What makes your organization unique and how do you work together? A video testimonial is unique proof. For the HatchTech group and HIPRA, among others, we interviewed various customers.

The DNA of your company

Introduce visitors to the company or organization. Show not only what you do, but especially why you do it. Your vision of the current market, society and your added value makes an impact. We created the following brand stories for Innovatec and Cargill.

The quality of your product

Go in depth by creating a detailed product video. How does the product work? What problem does it solve and how do users react? Convince your visitor and inspire them!

Extend your momentum

Make an aftermovie of your participation in the event and extend the momentum through your social media like LinkedIn. Let attendees have a word and showcase the success of your trade show days!

The video strategy that works

Video comes in all shapes and forms. From virtual tour to video brochure. We have been assisting marketing and communication departments in making their video plans come true for 10 years. We are a strong all-round team. Every production is well thought-out, of high quality and always with a good story.

Get started with video, contact our videographers.

Or call directly with the contact person for agriculture: Erwin Veenstra +31 (0) 73-2032614

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